On Site Massage Therapy

On Site Massage is popular in the workplace and at corporate events.
It uses Shiatsu Acupressure to release tension from tired, tense muscles and joints caused by too long at the computer or desk.  Clients sit in a comfortable specially designed chair, supporting the whole body, leaving the back, neck, shoulders, head and arms all in the most relaxed position for this power break massage.

  •   Takes only 20 minutes
  •   Clothes ON
  •   Minimal space required
  •   Reduces stress and tension in the neck and shoulders.
  •   Improves energy levels
  •   Improves concentration and memory.

Prices start at £25 per person for just one or two people, descending down to £12 each for large groups.   This is ideal, not just for the general workplace, but for special events such as seminars and other corporate events.